YES VM vaginal moisturiser

New packaging, same great product!

Message from Sarah Brooks, our CEO and YES® Co-Founder

We've got a new look! You may have received some of our brand new packaging in your recent YES® VM order - congratulations! You're one of the first. We're gradually rolling out our new look across our entire range, starting with YES® VM. Rest assured, the product inside is exactly the same, no formulation changes have happened. Our new packaging will highlight the benefits and features of our products (as requested by many of our customers!).

We wanted to share some of the reasons behind our new look and we hope you love it just as much as we do! Feel free to let us know what you think at

YES VM vaginal moisturiser packaging

Why are we changing our packaging?

  1. Our recent study data gives us more good things to say!

  2. New UK (post Brexit) and EU Medical Device Regulations

  3. Aligning our packaging with our new logo

Our recent study: We've got more good things to say about YES® VM!

Our brand new study gave us some great results to be proud of! These include;

  • YES® VM is fast acting: 85% of patients using YES® VM reported relief from their vaginal dryness symptoms within 1 hour.
  • More than half (68%) reported symptom relief with YES® VM within 1 to 10 minutes.
  • 94% of patients reported that YES® VM applicators allow hygienic delivery of the right amount of moisturising gel inside the vagina.
  • 98% of respondents would recommend YES® VM to others with vaginal dryness.

We also listened to your feedback and designed our new cartons to illustrate more clearly why our products are effective. We've highlighted each product's unique benefits, such as YES® VM's unrivaled Smart Moisture Release and fast acting relief.

We want the things that make YES® products effective and unique to be easier to see for all our customers, certified organic, effective, gynaecologist recommended and of course registered Medical Devices.

You can download more findings of our study here.

New UK and EU Medical Device Regulations

Changes to Medical Device Regulations meant that all YES® packaging needed to be updated. We've added new logos and addresses, such as the CA mark for the UK, creating more space for new information. We took this opportunity to redesign the whole look at the same time. This change is not at the expense of sustainability, every part of our packaging continues to be recyclable. 

Unlike many similar products on the market, YES® products, like YES® VM, are registered medical devices and our new packaging ensures our products are compliant with the new UK & EU regulatory requirements.

YES VM vaginal moisturiser packaging and benefits

Aligning our packaging with our new logo

Earlier this year, to celebrate 20 years of YES®, we launched our brand new logo on our website. However it wasn't on our packaging - now it is! We've opted for a softer, more colourful look, making each product more unique and easily identifiable. We have not changed what's inside the tubes - it remains the same formula, just with a new look. If you are new to YES® you'll also find clear instructions on how to use the product within the cartons.

We've been bolder in reinforcing our commitment to busting the taboos that surround women's intimate health. 

We remain a certified organic, guaranteed pure and natural product with medical grade quality - that's YES®.