How does YES® compare to other leading brands?

It can be distressing when a product you depend on for your health and well-being is temporarily unavailable; that’s why we are currently reassuring Sylk users that our YES VM product is a reliable alternative.  Both products are currently available to the NHS for prescriptions to treat vaginal dryness, and YES VM can be purchased directly from our website or good retailers across the UK.  

YES VM is a certified organic alternative designed to alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness, made in accordance with strict manufacturing standards and protocols.

YES VM is pH matched to the vagina and made without hormones, glycerine, parabens, fragrance and any known skin irritants. Our goal is to offer a solution to vaginal dryness that works with the body, respects the delicate tissue of the vagina and that is safe for daily use.

Explore the table here to see how YES VM compares to other products on the market.