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Eco-friendly Swaps – The Menstrual Cup

In recent years we’ve seen the intimate health market boom, with increased consumer demand for chemical-free, natural and eco-friendly alternatives to ‘mainstream’ feminine care products that have previously dominated the highstreets. From reusable panty liners to biodegradable tampons and pads (be sure to check out Natracare’s range made from 100% certified organic cotton) there are now many different ways to manage your period to suit each individual’s preference. This week we’re examining the menstrual cup.

Hand holding a menstrual cup

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a flexible device worn inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid during menstruation, rather than absorbing the fluid like a tampon or pad. These can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and only needs emptying between 2 to 4 times per day. The wearer simply empties the cup, washes it and then re-inserts again.

What are the benefits?

A menstrual cup is reusable and can last the user several years, which means that it’s an ideal choice for those who prefer less regular spending on feminine care products. Plus, you’ll never ‘run out’ like you might a tampon, because it’s small enough to fit in your handbag and take on the go. Menstrual cups are also plastic-free, made from silicone, which means that they’re more environmentally friendly than non-biodegrable tampons and pads.

Using a lubricant to help insert your cup

The first time using a menstrual cup can seem a bit daunting, but once you get the hang of it - like your first time inserting a tampon - it’s easy. Learn the proper technique of ‘folding’ your cup (Lunette have a great blog post on ‘how to fold your cup’ here) and when it comes to inserting, make sure that you relax. To help make this process easier and more comfortable, we recommend that you try using a water-based lubricant. Simply squeeze some YES WB water-based lubricant onto your cup or directly apply onto your vaginal opening and vestibule, then slip the cup inside you. You should barely feel a thing! Once you come to emptying your cup, why not freshen up with YES CLEANSE. Top tip: The gentle foam wash also doubles as a great menstrual cup cleaner!

Which menstrual cup should I choose?

Consider the material that a cup is made from. We recommend choosing a menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone, that’s chemical, latex and BPA free, such as Lunette’s period cup. Menstrual cups also come in different sizes and shapes (just like our vulvas!) so it’s worth taking time to the different options to work out what’s best for you.

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