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Menopause Help: testosterone, mental health, cancer and more. Our top 5 support blogs to help you thrive in menopause

Looking back over 2023, we’ve gleaned some powerful insights into the needs and challenges facing women in menopause. For over 20 years, we’ve been passionately waving the flag for menopositivity and doing our part to support the menopause community. This year, we’ve taken a huge leap forward in this commitment through our partnerships with the likes of GenM and Dani Binnington 

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular menopause support blogs to help you navigate this journey with greater ease and confidence.    

 1. Testosterone Replacement in Menopause – is it the ‘missing’ female hormone?  

There are many myths about testosterone therapy. My overwhelming experience from my patients who add testosterone is that the majority gain benefits and a significant number experience profound improvements in quality of life.” Dr Sarah Ball  

Dr Sarah Ball, GP and Menopause Specialist shares her expert insight into the role of testosterone in menopause health and wellbeing.   

 2. The best over-the-counter menopause products for 2023 

The best over the counter menopause products

A staggering 87% of menopausal women feel overlooked by society, and just 45% find it easy to shop for products that meet their needs. Thanks to GenM’s MTick certification, it’s becoming easier to identify menopause-friendly products. We’ve pulled together our top 5 over-the-counter menopause products, from ‘anti-flash’ underwear to health-boosting supplements.  
3. Vaginal Dilators: What are they and when to use them 
Vaginal dryness caused by menopause or other hormonal, lifestyle or medical factors can take toll on sexual health and wellbeing. If you’re dealing with pain during penetration, vaginal dilators can be a useful tool to help gently stretch and retrain the soft tissues in and around the vagina. Read more about when and how to use them to support your intimate health.  
4. Mind over menopause? Unpacking the effects of menopause on mental health 


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Many of us are familiar with the common physical symptoms of menopause – hot flushes, irregular periods, weight gain, the list goes on! There is however a myriad of emotional and psychological symptoms that often get overlooked.  So how exactly can menopause affect your mental health, and what can you do about it? 
5. Menopause after cancer: YES joins forces with Dani Binnington – cancer survivor and patient advocate 
So, you’ve finished cancer treatment, and now you’re facing another unexpected transition with its own throng of symptoms – menopause. Dani Binnington was thrown into early menopause in her late thirties after undergoing a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. Read more about Dani’s experience and our partnership to support women experiencing early menopause as a result of cancer treatment.   


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