What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is a service that automatically delivers the product on your selected time schedule. With this, you save an extra 15% off your order every time a purchase is made - Perfect for if you regularly order YES

We use Recharge to manage our subscriptions.

How is my subscription managed?

When you subscribe to one of our products we will email you with the details of your own subscription portal.  Here you can manage every aspect of your YES subscription at any time, changing the product and frequency or even cancelling the subscription.  

What happens when it's time for my next delivery?

You will receive an email from YES in the days before your subscription is due to ship.  We'll remind you of what is included and when it will go.  You'll be able to log in and edit any changes to your order before we go to ship.  On the day of the shipment our secure payments service will charge the card you have listed in your subscription (the card you set up the subscription with unless you have changed it in the portal).   

How often can I schedule a delivery?

With Subscribe and save you can schedule your repeat delivery to be every 30, 60 90 or 180 days.  The drop down menu on the product page of the website will present you with the options for those products.  

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel or modify your subscription at any time using the subscriptions section of your account. The 15% off will end if you cancel the subscription. 

When purchasing a subscription, you will not be able to apply other codes at the checkout.