pH matched YES cleanse intimate wash

Spring Clean Your Intimate Health

After what feels like a long, drawn-out winter, spring is finally here! As a season of natural regeneration, rejuvenation, and revitalisation, it’s the ideal time to think about your intimate health, and the ingredients you’re introducing to your vaginal microbiome. 

Around 60% of what goes onto the skin can get into the blood stream, so let’s start your spring clean by saying no to chemical nasties and YES to organic plant-based intimate health products.

YES vaginal moisturiser applicators and hangbag

What makes YES® different?

Purity matters

Did you know that many mainstream lubricants are made using synthetic chemicals? Some even use ingredients with known or suspected safety issues, such as skin irritants, penetration enhancers, and oestrogen mimicking properties! We don’t know about you, but synthetic chemicals are going nowhere near our vaginas!

When it comes to your intimate health, ingredients really do matter. That’s why all YES® products offer exceptional performance, without comprising on purity (that means no parabens, glycerine, silicone or hormones). We only use ingredients that are vegetarian-approved, occur in nature, and contain no genetically modified elements. 

Let’s take a look at what we do use.

Water-based wonders

Our water-based products contain natural aloe vera, which sinks deep into the intimate tissues to moisturise, hydrate and soothe. We also use flax gum, which has a rich, clean slipperiness - particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes that line the vagina and anus. These ingredients mean that our water-based products are a great source of relief for anyone experiencing intimate health issues, such as vaginal atrophy.

YES® WBYES® VM and YES® CLEANSE are all matched to the typical vaginal pH, which can help to protect against bacterial and yeast infections by maintaining the delicate balance of your vaginal microbiome.

Oil-based brilliance

Our plant-oil based products (YES® OB) are made using rich, organic plant oils and butters – including shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and sweet almond oil.

  • Cocoa butter is richly emollient and packed with antioxidants
  • Shea butter is an outstanding moisturiser, used to soothe irritation and dry skin
  • Sunflower oil and sweet almond oil offer nourishing and moisture-retaining properties for longer-lasting lubrication 

We are also proud to have launched YES® COCO – a coconut oil-based lubricant that creates a thicker coating than water lubricants and lasts even longer. That means you won’t have to apply it as often, which is great for women who regularly experience dryness and irritation – including those in menopause or perimenopause. 

Proudly certified organic

We believe that vaginas deserve the absolute best, so our entire range is certified organic by the Soil Association, and made from ethically sourced, organic plant-based ingredients. This means they offer the most natural feeling lubrication possible, whilst treading lightly on the planet through sustainable manufacturing. 

‘Going organic’ is one of the best choices that you can make for your health and the planet, and our Soil Association certified organic status is at the very heart of our value system.

We’re loud and proud about our mission to ‘change the world from the inside', and we do this by creating clean, natural products that respect intimate pH, without side effects or compromise to your health.  

We’re also big on championing brands that share our values, which is why you’ll also find Natracare intimate wipes on our site. These handy little wipes are certified organic, vegan-approved, and designed for even the most sensitive of skin – making them great when you need a quick freshen up!

To find out more about why we’re so passionate about the ingredients that go into our products (and the products we endorse), check out our backstory. It’s a great read!