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Top foreplay tips to spice up your sex life

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is often defined as any sexual activity before intercourse to help prepare both the mind and body for sex. Using foreplay before sex can trigger a physiological and physical response that makes sexual activity enjoyable or in some cases possible. But, intercourse doesn’t actually need to be the end goal of sex if you don’t want it to. You might just feel like enjoying a great foreplay session with a partner! Plus, when it’s done right, it can feel really good… We spoke to Ffion, founder of sustainable sex wellness company, Fine Bone, who shared her top tips on using foreplay to spice up your sex life!

Start Early!

Foreplay begins from the moment you imagine what’s going to happen. If you’re planning a romantic date with someone why not get ahead. Maybe that’s sending a saucy picture or naughty text. It could even be as simple as picking your outfit with a mind to how it might look coming back off again.
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Lighting, sound and scent have a massive effect on your mood. It may sound obvious but giving that consideration is key. The girl guide in me suggests having a “Gets me Hot!” playlist prepared and ready to go … It’s worth remembering that a sexy music choice is about turning yourself on not playing music that you think is sexy. Setting the mood with candles might sound cliché but warm, low lighting encourages us to be intimate. Even better if it’s a massage candle. Basically, it’s about incorporating all the senses into your experience. Not to mention everyone looks amazing under candlelight, they just do.

Don’t over think it

Anything is sex if you find it sexy. For a really long time the culture has been about goal orientated sex. If your idea of what foreplay is doesn’t end up progressing to an orgasm then it’s no less valid. Taking the pressure off inevitability is a breath of fresh air and stops you from falling into a “first we do this, and then we do that”  Less fore and more play!Couple holding each other on the beach


It isn’t just about the erogenous zones, all kinds of touching are key, stroking, holding hands and kissing all included. Massage is a lovely way to breach the touch barrier. It gives you the opportunity to explore one another fully from top to toe and is a nice way to relax into the moment for both those giving and receiving. Not to mention it works out any lingering tension from a stressful week. Did you know that YES OB plant-oil based lubricant contains organic plant-based butters which make it ideal to use as a massage oil?

Be Vocal

The advantage of taking it slowly is how it gives us a chance to communicate. Voicing feedback on what feels good and what doesn’t will improve the experience for everyone. Being able to openly chat about what’s happening while it’s happening encourages experimentation because it takes the pressure off having to get it right.

Use lube

Incorporating a lubricant into foreplay is a fun way to experiment with how different textures feel when applied to the body. You can also use them to enhance the length of your foreplay sessions, keeping everything lubricated for longer!

Or why not try out a clitoral stimulant? Our latest product, YES O YES, is made up of a unique blend of organic oils crafted with care to stimulate desire, quicken arousal, excite sensation and intensify pleasure during foreplay and at climax.

YES water-based and oil-based lube

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