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Menopause Month: Find your tribe

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. The concept that influence and input from a wide range of people, across generations and extended family and friends, is instrumental in the development a well-rounded child is not a new one. It stands to reason that exposure to a wide range of positive experiences and education helps to give a child breadth of awareness, understanding and the tools they need to chart their own course.Menopause Month graphic: find your tribe

What does not yet seem to be fully appreciated is that this idea does not just apply to children. In this digital age there have been studies that suggest social isolation is increasing in line with the increase in social media use. That decline in social interaction means that we are less likely than ever, as adults, to turn to our social groups for help, support and advice when we need it. The trouble is we need them, we need to talk and share and support in order to make informed decisions and to pass on our own knowledge. Childhood is not the only period of life that is full of change. As women we experience the start of menstruation at puberty (not to mention around 30 years of periods every month after that), childbirth and breastfeeding as well as menopause. These are all significant stages in a woman’s life and while not every woman will give birth, the vast proportion will experience menstruation and menopause. Menopause in particular can be a difficult and extended period in a woman’s life. There are over 40 symptoms of menopause ranging from the mildly irritating to the entirely debilitating and women are expected to navigate this stage, that can last anywhere up to around 15 years, seamlessly while still juggling their normal lives. Well, we say no. Managing in isolation, trying to do it all without breaking a sweat (or a hot flush) if you are struggling is unrealistic, overly demanding and unnecessary.


We say that women also need that village to get them through these transitional stages in their lives. They need their village, their peers, their tribe to talk to, to help them and to offer support. October is Menopause Month and this year we are launching the Find your Tribe campaign. We want women to talk, to share they ways they have found to cope, to offload, and to help each other. Let’s go back to sharing the wisdom of the village and make navigating the major transitional phases of a woman’s life that bit easier and less isolated. There are more and more resources for women who are looking for information, advice, help and support, whatever their stage. With groups like the Daisy Network for Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Syndrome (POI), Cancer support groups like Jo’s Trust, The Hot Flush Club and many other Menopause Support groups no-one need suffer alone. To get things started this Menopause Month we pledge that we will be part of your tribe. We are here to help, to answer your questions or help you connect where we can and help redirect you where we can’t. We’re available, on the end of the phone, by email, on live chat, at events…whenever you need us. Find your tribe, your friends, your family members, co-workers, those women who are sharing experiences with you. Share with them and let them support you while you support them. We’ll see you there. Click here to visit our Menopause Month: Find Your Tribe campaign page.

Go back to nature, go organic.

Whilst revisiting our primal instincts, why not consider ‘going back to nature’ and seeking relief through products formulated with natural and organic ingredients. During the menopause, hormonal changes cause disruption to women’s bodies, so why not consider avoiding adding to that burden and nourish your body with incredible skin foods such as YES?

When is the campaign?

The campaign will run from 1st October to 31st October 2019 (with World Menopause Day on 18th October).

What are we doing?

Enter our exclusive YES Menopause Month social media competition to win a wellness hamper filled with treats to sooth menopausal symptoms, and keep you feeling cool, calm and collected. (Entries open 14th October) Keep an eye out for our informative menopause blog series, ranging from topics such as ‘The menopause glossary’ and ‘What’s next on the menopause agenda?’ to ‘The menopause – why should organisations bother?’

How can you get involved?

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